The Founder

Alive is founded by renowned entrepreneur Lilin Teh. She has garnered multiple awards and achievements throughout the years.

• Founder and Managing Director of Alive Group
• One of the pioneering entrepreneurs of organic and healthy living in Asia Pacific Region
• Created the revolutionary Lymphatic Detox Massage
• Over 15-year experience as aromatherapist and yoga instructor
• Practitioner and Advisor of Organic Fasting Detox Program
• Professional yoga instructor and personality stylist for the Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant 2004, organized by Phoenix Satellite
• Professional speaker on personality analysis and management in China, Taiwan, England and South East Asia since 2005 with over 10,000 participants in total
• Leading expert in personal transformation with over 5,000 students
• Personal health coach to numerous CEOs of major corporations.

Mission Statement

“To be the best local independent organic wellness brand name in Malaysia with its most comprehensive and highly energized consumer products and services.”

Our History

As a professional yoga instructor and aromatherapist, founder Lilin Teh strived for personal transformation to a harmonious state of body, mind and soul.

Her passion extended beyond her own to the greater good of promoting a lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) for the society. In 1998, Alive group was founded by Lilin in Kuala Lumpur as a brainchild of her unwavering passion. Alive group started with developing organic and environmentally-friendly consumer products. We have been growing ever since. Now, we have a strong foothhold in health rejuvenating treatment services, trainings, workshops and activities, as well as on-going research and development activities.


Alive Organic Sdn. Bhd. has met the standards of organic handling & processing and is certified truly organic under the US National Organic Program (NOP) and EU 834/07 & 889/08 on June 2013.

One of Alive's energy product, Progreen has been awarded the Itex Gold Medal (by Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation) and the Best Green Invention (by Japan Intellectual Property Association, JIPA) at the 24th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition, ITEX 2013. Alive Organic Sdn. Bhd. has won two awards in The 6th Asia Asia-Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2007.

_ Excellence Leadership Award
_ Excellence Services Quality Award

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