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Alive Group has recently established a “The Oneness Awakening” Program where we cordially welcome members who are constantly pursuing on optimal oneness health in order to live life to their fullest.

Law of nature is the law of health. As long as those who behold this practice, they will not get sick. By practicing the law of nature, our Body, Mind and Soul can only be in perfect harmony and balance and optimal oneness health can only be achieved. Unbalance and disharmony Body, Mind and Soul are the causation of illnesses problem.


The purposes of “The Oneness Awakening” Program are:

  • To upgrade members and bring them into a higher level of Body, Mind and Soul self-enhancement
  • To enhance Mind, Body and Soul to be in perfect harmony and balance
  • To achieve an optimum oneness health


Discussion topics include:

  • The Study of Human Soul
  • Character Analysis
  • Universal Principle
  • Gender Differences
  • Parenting Education 
  • Energy Medicine
  • Energy Healing Treatment
  • Cognition of Body Physical
  • Kinematics
  • Nutrition

For more information on “The Oneness Awakening” program, please contact 03- 2148 3606/ 2145 6339.

It is now open for registration. Hurry, grab this golden opportunity to register and enroll now and be as a part of “The Oneness Awakening” Program!

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