Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my first therapeutic massage visit?

You may require to fill out a personal information and health history form. Afterwards you will have a consultation session by your consultant/therapist, to establish what areas you would like worked on, if there are any conditions needing to be addressed, and to determine which treatment is appropriate for your current health condition with a thorough and in depth explanation on your health condition. Your therapist might also perform certain assessments to evaluate your condition.

It’s important to list all health concerns and medications so that therapist can adapt the session to your specific needs. It’s also important to list any allergies so that we are aware if you need to use different oil/cream/herbs during the session.

For full body massage, you have to be completely undressed and get changed to our disposable underwear. For female customers, if you will be more comfortable during the session nipple patched will be provided. The therapist will work around the clothes you left on as best as he/she can.

Make yourself comfortable. If your therapist wants you to adjust your position, she/he will either move you or will ask you to move what is needed. Otherwise, change your position anytime to make yourself more comfortable. Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session, others prefer to talk. Whichever feels natural to you is the best way to relax. Do not hesitate to ask questions at any time.

The average full-body massage treatment lasts approximately 70-90mins; depending on customer condition, and number of therapist assigned. However for partial treatment session, such as scalp, womb and breasts will be a half-hour session. Always allow relaxation time prior to and after the session.

This depends on the type of massage and the depth of the strokes. A good deep tissue massage always stay in the “feels good” hurt range. Pain can be an indication that your body meridians are blocked, congested or inflamed and pressure can be adjusted. Also, pain can cause you to tighten up and negate the relaxing effects of the massage. The most effective and deepest massage always works with your body’s natural response, not against it.

If you are looking to address a specific condition or even for general well-being, then it’s recommended to come more frequently at first then slowly taper down to a maintenance schedule. Sometimes more frequent sessions can be effective until your goals are met and a maintenance schedule is in place.

Frequency of sessions should be discussed with your massage therapist after your treatment when he/she has a better hands-on understanding of your particular health issues.

Prenatal massage is a great way to ease the aches and pains of carrying a baby, help improve overall blood and qi flow, it calms the baby and mother both at the same time and more importantly, reduce water retention that is usually experienced by a lot of pregnant mothers. Best recommendation is to start treatment after 4 months of pregnancy, however we do evaluate on a case to case basis, please contact us to understand better.

There is a perception that men give deeper massages than women. This is a myth. All our therapist has gone through comprehensive and complete series of trainings, with consistent skills and knowledge on the human anatomy, human meridian pathways and energy systems. During your session, it is perfectly ok to give the therapist feedback if you would like a lighter/deeper pressure.

Most people feel relieved and relax. Some experience a significant decrease or freedom from long-term aches and pains. Many feel a little slowed down for a short period and then notice an increase in energy, heightened awareness and increased productivity which can last for days. If you received a deep massage, you may be slightly sore the next day – much like a good workout session. After your session, you should increase your water intake than usual to keep your body’s tissues hydrated and healthy, of course to get rid of the toxin faster. If bruises arises, it is nothing of worry, please contact us for a better understanding.

Every person is unique, and every health treatment plan is customised for each person. You and your therapist will be able to discuss more specifically about this after your first session and he/she has had a chance to evaluate your body’s conditions.

It is highly recommended to get a treatment massage during menses or when our body is unwell as our treatments are designed in a way to help the detoxification process of the body. It is advised to change to your own underwear with a fresh pad prior to the start of treatment.  Please ask our therapists/consultant for a better understanding of your body condition.

Massage is not a substitute for healthy eating and exercise, but it can lower levels of cortisol, the stress-eating hormone. High levels of cortisol make weight gain more likely. So in effect, yes, massage can help you on your weight loss journey.