Holistic Therapeutic Treatment

ALIVE Fountain of Youth Holistic Therapeutic Massage applies ALIVE’s uniquely developed massage techniques, integrating seven practices into one.
  • Energy Rejuvenation: The entire process of the massage is conducted in an energised environment. Positive energy is transferred to the body using the resonance of frequency, significantly enhancing the therapeutic effect.
  • Chakra Alignment: Regulates and balances internal energies to maintain the perfect harmonisation between body, mind and soul.
  • Personalised essential oil formula: Applies suitable energised essential oil formulated based on own’s body type and condition as well as “qi”.
  • Hot Stone Therapy: Additional heat is added onto hot stones and placed on the meridian points. Through deep heat conduction, heat energy slowly transfers into the body, thus stimulating and regulating the muscle tissues and joints.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Unblocks the lymphatic vessels throughout the body, restoring smooth lymph flow in the vessels and increase the rate of cells regeneration.
  • Face shaping treatment: Removes toxins thus improving skin complexion, brightens and tightens skin as well as removes excessive water retention.
  • Scalp Relieving Treatment: Stimulates relevant points on the scalp, ease head meridian points, restoring clarity of thoughts
In this highly efficiency- emphasised society where people are heavily loaded with both work and life tasks, time never seems to be sufficient, let alone leisure time. This hectic lifestyle leads to many constantly experiencing mental anxiety as well as tense body muscles.
Considering all the above, ALIVE Fountain of Youth Holistic Therapeutic Massage is designed meticulously to provide the most comprehensive and effective possible treatment within a limited period of time.
The warm and loving hands of our professional health consultants, unblocking the entire body’s meridian, pressure points, governing and conception vessels. Experience the relaxation provided by the warmth from the hot stones; Experience the relieving stimulation from the massage pressure. Feel the satisfaction as you inhale the scent of the essential oil, flowing along with the soothing music as it unravels all the blockages in the body. This is indeed a body, mind and soul- recharging journey.