Meridian Shaping Treatment

According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine “Pain onsets when obstructed and goes when passable”. When our “Qi” flows in a balanced state within our body’s meridians, we experience a feeling of well being and balance, free of pain, illness and discomfort. However, when our meridians are blocked or congested, we experience the symptoms illness, pain or simply a general feeling of being unwell.
The Meridian Shaping Treatment helps stimulate the body parts, promotes body metabolism, harmonizes the function of viscera tissues and organs, thus enhancing overall health.
• Nourishing the organs, eliminating the waste and thus rectifying the health problems
• Unblocking the meridian, strengthening the immune system
• Harmonizing the flow of “Qi” and blood, improving complexion and skin elasticity
• Enhancing fat burning process
• Reducing body excessive calories and swelling due to water retention