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ALIVE Group is a homegrown company which focuses on producing and distribution of energized organic products and promoting education programs on the personal transformation and spiritual riches.

Established since 1998, the founder of ALIVE, Ms Teh Lilin, is committed to develop and promoting organic based products with the motto of “Organic Lifestyle is an Attitude“, and adhere with the birth of a complete unique range of products that only use ingredients that are organic/natural, non harmful to humans and toxin free. Furthermore, all the products are packed with environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. At the same time, our company has also established a unique; one-stop health rejuvenating treatment services such as lymphatic aromatherapy, energy healing therapy, organic fasting therapy, weight management treatment, face scraping and yoga practices.

Ms.Teh Lilin believes that in order to achieve an optimal level of “Oneness“, a person’s MindBody, and Soul must be in perfect harmony and balance. Hence, in recent years, along with educating the need of healthy diet and lifestyle through the publication of Alive’s Newsletter, Ms Teh has been actively promoting the importance of spiritual development and right attitudes development by organizing training courses.

The ALIVE Group is committed to continuously improve the formulation of all existing products and to refine all treatments services with stringent quality control. Furthermore, Bio-Activated Energy has been infused into all ALIVE’s products through a proprietary technology to promote healthier living. Recently we have started to implement the Organic Quality Management System for the packaging and handling of our organic products. We use nitrogen gas for packing out Nutrigracia groceries. We also believe that these efforts will add further confidence to our customers.

ALIVE Group will continue to uphold the mission statement: “To be the best homegrown organic wellness brand name in Malaysia with its most comprehensive and highly energized consumer products and services.”


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