2 x Nutrilove Crispy Oat 400g 绿元素 · 牧草(酵母香脆片) [savings up to 30%]


  • 2 x Nutrilove Crispy Oat 400g
  • High alkaline food: Helps regulate body pH
  • Rich in chlorophyll (5-10 times greater than green vegetables) : Purifies blood, builds healthy haemoglobin, increases red blood cell counts
  • Rich in fiber: Promotes smooth bowel movement and eases constipation etc.
  • Contains folic acid: An excellent nutrient source for pregnant women for healthy fetus growth
  • Contains  8 types of essential amino acid: Enhances body immunity
  • Contains calcium, potassium, sodium and other minerals: Regulates body pH
  • Contains antioxidant, vitamin A, C, E: Delays aging process and fights against free radicals
  • Contains multiple enzymes: Aids nutrients absorption, breaks down fat deposits and cholesterol etc.
  • Contains potassium ions: Regulates blood pressure
  • Wheat free