Anti-Inflamma 有机儿茶树


  • High in antioxidant (20 times greater than vitamin E) and able to remove excessive harmful radicals in the body.
  • Prevents inflammation, maintains endothelial function and vascular homeostasis and supports cardiovascular health.
  • Studies have shown a regulating effect in total cholesterol in the blood from long term usage of catechin.
  • Accelerates metabolism, reduces body fat, eliminates abdominal fat and controls body weight.
  • Prevents tooth decay, avoids bad breath, regulating body temperature and body heat.


  • 具有抗氧化(是维生素E的20倍), 能清除体内过多的有害自由基
  • 抗发炎、维持血管内皮稳定性,有益于心血管疾病
  • 研究显示,长期服用儿茶素,能帮助调整血中的总胆固醇
  • 加速新陈代谢、降体脂肪、清除腹部脂肪及控制体重的功效
  • 具可抗蛀牙、口臭、消暑解热、祛火降燥



Suggested Use:

Take 2-4 capsules daily (Adult) after meal or as directed by your health care practitioner.

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