Start feeling alive, again.

Energy Chakra Healing Therapy

The pride of Alive is our most popular treatment. It is highly recommended by our professional therapists for its absolute therapeutic goodness.

• Emphasizes on human energy flow on 7 major Chakras of the body
• Reopens any obstructed chakra
• Boosts physical and mental health via massage along the spine of 7 Chakras
• Releases body tension
• Enhance lymphatic and energy flow to eliminate body impurities
• Specially selected essential oil in accordance to individual’s constitution for superior recuperative effects

A blessing for people who are burnt-out, exhausted and highly stressed.

Lymphatic Detox

This treatment combines energy work, deep tissue body work, shiatsu and foot massage.

• Releases tension from connective tissue
• Returns the body symmetrically to an aligned position
• Enhances body vitality

Suitable for people who are thoroughly exhausted and in need of relaxation.

Healthy Fasting Program

Fasting is not a folk remedy. It stimulates, cleanse and purify our body by eliminating harmful toxins, thus rejuvenating body’s self-healing property, energy flow and functions of body organs.

Our fasting program adopts a combination of juice and herbal supplements. Juice is easier to assimilate and places less burden on our digestive system, freeing up energy for healing and rejuvenation. Vitamins and minerals from the juice also boost your energy level, while the herbal supplements help to recuperate your body.

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