Energized Calcium Plus Cereal



Black Rice, Black Beans, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Black Sesame, Black Fungus, Black Dates, Black Sugar, Sea Salt

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7 reviews for Energized Calcium Plus Cereal

  1. Lew Hui Jing

    这个口感很像芝麻糊😍 而且不会很甜,还很有饱足感! 也很适合当代餐食用!

  2. SM

    I have been drinking this for many years, for myself and whole family. Especially my dad love this the most, the formulation of all ingredients is just nice

  3. Cy Seet

    Its taste will not be sweet and smooth, and I will remember it every morning because it can quickly help me solve my breakfast troubles.

  4. Rachel

    I have been drinking this cereal for years, and it has helped me make my body warm, the taste is also superb, keep coming back for more!

  5. HY

    The best sesame drink that I have ♥️! . It had a rich sesame flavor and didn’t cause body heart after take it .

    . I love having it as a snack, and it doesn’t make me worry about gaining weight. I also noticed that after drinking it, have boost my energy and not easily tired .

  6. andywong77094

    i like to drink this in the morning as breakfast. very fragrant

  7. Zyan

    It’s rich in flavour, especially if you are a sesame lover. Enriched with calcium with black rice, black sesame, black beans and black dates.
    Once u go black, there’s no going back !😆

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