Energized Ladies’ Delight


Size: 500g

Ladies’ Delight is specially designed for all the ages. It is made from organic beetroot, organic graoeseed extract, organic chinese yam extract, oraganic ginkgo extractand oat by using cold vacuum extraction and steam-cooked process to retain most of their nutirents.
It is rich in protein and contains iron. it is further enriched with L. Sporongenes and inulin whihc help pormote bowel health and strengthen the immune system. This cereal is further unfused with Bio-Activated Energy (BAE) with a proprietary technology for better digestion and absorption by our body.


Benefits of Ladies’ Delight
• An excellent non-dairy alternative
• Contains antioxidant – delays aging process and beauties skin complexion
• Contains saponin substances – helps lower blood lipids and blood pressure
• Rich in pre- & probiotic – helps promote healthy colon, enhances body immunity, promotes smooth bowel movement and reduces the inflammatory signals
• Free from artificial colourings, flavouring & preservatives
• Sugar free
• Wheat free


Add 3-4 scoops of Ladies’ Delight into a cup of 200ml lukewarm water.

Stir thoroughly before enjoying your drink



Lactobacillus Sporogenes, Beetroot*, Grapeseed Extract*, Chinese Yam Extract*, Ginkgo Extract*, Inulin, Oat 

(*Organic Ingredient)

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9 reviews for Energized Ladies’ Delight

  1. Lew Hui Jing

    味道很香又浓郁🩷很香奶茶的口感! 而且没有添加糖,不怕胖!爱美、减肥减脂的朋友们大推!

  2. SM

    this is my most favorite cereal drink from Alive, love it! it helps to improve my cold hand and feet problem

  3. Rachel

    Amazing taste and mouth feel with its natural ingredietns. Serves super good as supper, meal replacement or any in between meal energy booster. I love it because its low sugar, and low carbo

  4. HY

    I really like this drink. It’s not too sweet and it keeps me full. It’s convenient for me to have as a quick breakfast in the morning.

    I also realise that my complexion turn more glowing after take it daily .

  5. andywong77094

    my wife likes this drink. helps her sleep well at night and her constipation. tastes good too.

  6. Zyan

    Tasting wonderful, even better when added to cereal. It’s like a milk tea, but substituted with all the goodness.

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