NutriLove (Sugar Free)


Size: 400g

• Chorophyll (5-10 times greater than green vegetables) : purifiy blood, build healthy haemoglobin, increase red blood cell count
• Folic acid : for healthy fetus growth in pregnant women
• 8 types of essential amino acid : enhance body immunity
• Minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium : regulate body pH
• Antioxidant, vitamin A, C, E : Delays aging process and fights against free radicals
• Multiple enzymes : aids nutrient absorption, break down fat deposits, cholesterol, prevents stroke and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
• Rich in fiber : prevent constipation, colon cancer, obesity
• Potassium ions : regulates blood pressure



Herbage*, Job’s Tears*, Buckwheat*, Oat Bran*, Black Sesame*, White Sesame*, Chinese Yam* 

(*Organic Ingredient)

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5 reviews for NutriLove (Sugar Free)

  1. Lew Hui Jing

    味道很像seaweed. 可以帮助排便、有便秘的朋友们很适合喝!

  2. SM

    feel healthy after drinking this, less feeling tired during work and can sleep better

  3. Rachel

    has helped me lose weight and feel my skin complexion improved so much after drinking this detox cereal, love this its sugar free and fragrant black sesame taste. thank you

  4. Hui Yee

    This product help to solve my constipation problem. I take it before sleep , then next day will feel more refresh and energetic

  5. Zyan

    This is my go-to cereal day to day. As someone with high cholesterol, this really helps me to stay away from high trans fat breakfast like we Malaysians crave, while providing the nutrients I need to start my day.

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