Our History

Mind, Body and Soul in perfect harmony and balance

Alive Group is a hybrid of modern and traditional lifestyle-based homegrown company which focuses on holistic wellness. Producing and distributing energized organic product, providing therapeutic treatments and promoting educational programs on personal transformation and spiritual riches.


Established since 1998 by renowed entrepreneur – Lilin Teh believes that in order to achieve an optimal level of “Oneness”, a person’s Mind, Body and Soul must be in perfect harmony and balance.


The ALIVE Group has not only successfully developed a comprehensive range of premium organic/natural products with the motto of “Organic Lifestyle is an Attitude”, we have also established a unique; one-stop health rejuvenating treatment services such as lymphatic aromatherapy, energy healing therapy, organic fasting therapy, weight management treatment, face scraping and yoga practices.


We have been actively promoting the importance of spiritual development and right attitudes development by organizing training courses for both adults as well as educational programs for youths and children as an effort to shape the future generation of the world.

Our Mission

To create and sustain a wholesome society that embodies the essence of the perfect harmony between body, mind and soul.

Our Vision

To be the best local independent organic wellness brand name in Malaysia with its most comprehensive and highly energized consumer products and services.

Alive Trust

ALIVE Trust was established by the ALIVE Group in 2012 with the objective of assisting people to achieve their personal transformation, to discover and optimize their inner & outer balance and harmony. It is an independent charitable organization that operates in line with the International Charitable Foundation Principles. By combining a healthy organic food diet with our proven structure “Body, Mind and Soul” training courses, it is our mission to share the importance of having the right attitude, cultivating a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve the most optimal state of the Body, Mind and Soul!

ALIVE Trust is partly contributed by the proceeds from the fees collected from all the Alive Group training programs. The fund from Alive Trust is then used to offer to those who require financial support and share our philosophy of transforming to a higher level of “harmonious state of health”.

In the spirit of Unconditional Love, ALIVE Trust will offer support to anyone who meets the requirement regardless of the applicant’s background. ALIVE Trust is a long term commitment and will continuously pursue our mission to play our part and contribute in shaping a wholesome society.

Alive Youth Scholarship

ALIVE, now a 30 year old company, possesses the strength and ability to give back to society. Our goal is to help youths to develop into the best version of themselves. With our comprehensive educational course, we will cultivate developmental growth into the pillars of the next generation so that they can have a better outlook on life, instill better values and learn how to truly pursue their dreams and live their best lives. We wish to do our part and give back to society, and we wish to do it now!

How Will ALIVE Group support you?

Living Expense Subsidy

Subsidising living expenses for 1 up to 2 years.

Access To Education

Access to our educational courses every month covering topics such as personality, gender, nutrition, finance, wealth etc. All courses are personally taught by our founder Ms. Lilin Teh.

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