What Is Oneness Education?

Oneness education by alive is a children enrichment centre that recognises and advocates the underlying principles of humanistic education. We aim to cultivate the ingenuous thinking and perceptive senses of our children, along with the indoctrination on the significance of positive actions to nurture them into individuals that appreciate the value of real freedom in life.

What Is Oneness Education?

Oneness education by alive was formally established under the guidance and initiative of the ceo from a renowned organic brand alive, ms. Teh li lin. Oneness education by alive is realised by a team of distinguished educators well –equipped with the knowledge and expertise to guide young children in becoming self-independent leaners. The teaching team has undergone professional training to provide children with the learning environment that allows them to experience humanistic education at its best.


  • Educate children based on the principles of humanistic learning theory as the underlying educational philosophy.

  • Weaving the knowledge of cosmology, personality psychology, nutrition and gender studies into our curriculum.

  • Emphasise children’s academic profess, humanistic approach in teaching and learning, back to nature and organic learning environment.

  • Value the positive development of children’s body, mind, soul, morale, intelligence and physical growth as an individual and members of a community.

  • Foster children’s perceptive senses, boundless creativity and innovation to unleash in them the core of cultural wisdom through all levels of literary work, business studies and arts education.


  • Children that emerge from our school as self-directed, self-reliant and morally upright individuals that will go on to develop their passion with balance and diligence in life.

  • Nurture young children and develop parents into individuals who are balanced and healthy in terms of body, mind and soul with the ultimate goal of contributing to the betterment and overall well-being of the community.

  • Let children be children, applying the values of humanistic education, becoming a wholesome human being.

Our Motto

Preserve the true essence of education, be the advocators of right education and effective implementation.

As educators, educate children with care, knowledge of truth, vibrancy and positive energy.

As parents, nurture children with wisdom, conviction, and positive love.

Let the children reap the benefits of what they sow on the land of childhood with the seeds of right education.

Classes & Curriculum

Personality Study

Expressive Speech


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Art of Communication

Creative Writing

Health & Nutrition

Art & Craft


Art Therapy

Dance & Sport




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