Find Your Style

Identifying The Best Image That Suits You

In our eyes, it’s not that people don’t choose to dress up… It’s simply because they do not know how to.

Do you commonly find yourself:
• Wasting time, money and energy on clothes that don’t fit you?
• Not knowing what fits you, and buying clothes blindly that does not elevate your image?
• Possess an undistinguishable style that looks just like any other passerby?

The Science Behind Your Image

Psychologists have found that 55% of a person’s image depends on their appearance, that is: clothes, face, body shape, hair color, etc; 38% comes from self-expression including tone, intonation, gestures, posture, actions, etc.; and only 7% comes from speech.


From this study, we understand how important a person’s external image is. Style creates an aura around a person. By having an attractive exterior, we will be able to grab the attention of others and provide them with the opportunity to interact and get to know our beautiful personalities better. Both aspects are perfect complements of each other.


Our Styling Process

Step 1

Style Test

Step 2

Colour Test

Step 3

Makup & Hairstyling

Step 4

Wardrobe Detox

Step 5

Personal Shopping Experience

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