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Skin Food:  Protect and Nourish Your Skin

As the society is more health conscious today, consumers have become advocate of more natural and organic food. Hence, if you choose healthy organic food as part of your daily diet, you may also consider selecting organic body care, personal care, and organic cosmetic products for your skin.

Why choose organic skin care?

We should use skin care, cosmetic and body care products that are truly natural and organic. This is because our skin is the largest organ which covers the entire body. It is the largest absorption surface area, and is able to absorb 13% – 60% of substances which applied to the skin surface. Our skin performs many physiological functions. It senses feeling, regulates temperature, excretes and discharges the body waste (such as sweat, water, oil and toxins). If an adult skin is split, the surface area is equivalent to a 2 square meters of a table surface area. As can be imagined, if we feed our skin with natural and organic ingredients, it helps to prevent the absorption of toxic and harmful substances and avoid allergic reaction. As such, it can awake the functions of our body in a natural way; maintain the natural health of the body and its optimum balance state. In contrast, if our skin absorbs chemical substances, it causes skin allergies, destroys immune system, and induced skin cancer.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLS is a foaming agent and is commonly found in hair shampoo, body shampoo, soap, toothpaste, liquid detergent and skin care products. It is a strong detergent and surfactant that is able to resolve surface tension of water. SLS is also being used in industrial, including concrete production, garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers, and car wash detergents. Result from clinical studies reported that application of SLS has been shown to irritate eyes, skin and respiratory tract. It may also cause severe allergic respiratory reaction. More seriously, it can cause cancer in the long run.


According to researches conducted, many personal care products especially body shampoo contains PARABEN. Paraben is a type of synthetic preservative that is used in personal care products especially body shampoo in order to prevent the growth of microbial and bacteria in those products. It did not cause any skin pathology immediately; hence consumers may not experience any symptoms. However, long term exposure to paraben (more than 10 years) may cause breast cancer or skin cancer and cause weak detoxification system in children. Long term use of paraben may clog pores and cause skin irritation. Consumes sometimes may not realize the chemical compositions and warning signs that are indicated on the product labels. Therefore, you and your family, especially your lovely kids maybe using these harmful ingredients without any knowledge. Choosing the right skin care, personal care products and household detergents are as important as choosing healthy organic food for your body. Being entirely conscious about this issue, all of Alive Group’s products are produced with organic and natural ingredients that are non-harmful to humans, chemical free, and environmental friendly.

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